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Totalintelli Perfect Binder

BOWAY  M Series Totalintelli Perfect Binder


Book Cover Creasing and Book Block Binding 2 in 1

PUR adhesive has only been in bookbinding since about 1989, and the first test in North America was run with a homemade application system. Since its introduction, PUR use has increased dramatically. In 1995, there were reportedly PUR users, by the end of 2002, this number had increased, the eased to more than 50 in North America. PUR is unique in that it will bond to lacquer and UV-cured coating, films such as Myalr, as well as paper. PUR Binding, also known as POLYURETHANE REACTIVE differs from traditional Hot Melt Adhesive style of binding, which is typically based on EVA glue or (ethyl vinyl acetate.). P.U.R. Binding exhibits considerably stronger adhesion with high gloss coated or synthetic papers.Any type of book requiring more rugged usage such as a student work book, yearbook, textbook, music book, etc. Is a great candidate for PUR Binding.



Totalintelli Perfect Binder

Digital Creaser

Two in One

One to two also

M Series Totalintelli Perfect Binder and Creaser

She, Totalintelli Perfect Binder

She, Digital Creaser also

She, can combine two to one, works as totalintelli perfect binder.

She, can divide one into two , works separately as perfect binder and digital creaser

Open and close , easily transform!

Click and press, easily bind book!

Money and work, double save, high speed and performance!


Large format crease/cover feed

Max creasing size 480mm, max cover size 435mm, meet different demand

Auto both sides creasing

Separate digital ceasing function, both sides at same time, just need click menu to choose single or both sides crease, spine line, opening line and overlapping line finish at same cycle.

Auto readout book thickness

After readout book thickness, the data will be transferred to cover feed system and start creasing

Touch Screen operation

All set-up, work order finished on the touch screen, two interface, one is for binding, the other is for creasing. And the screen turn around easily

Auto books delivery function

Finished books will be automatically delivered to lifting table.  Alarming appears when the lifting table is full.

Auto detection for book clamping

The clamps automatically close when the papers well placed. It is ensures high efficiency.

New gluing control technology

More accurately control the gluing at two ends of spine, avoid excess glue left on the end of spine

Intelligent side-gluing patent

Glue tank cover opens before carriage comes, ensures better glue spreading, and avoid carriage damage

Tens of error alarming

When wrong operation happens, the controller will automatically alarm and give guide.

Intelligent control, 7 inch colorful touch screen

64bits chip, powerful setting-up function, colorful touch screen, self-diagnose, auto-alarming, help you to easy opeate the machine;  lots of devices of this machine can automatically open and close by detection.  This is a smart and easy to operate machine        

Sealed gluing technology  ( M3 , M5 , M6 )

Sealed eject gluing, more thin,more even, more environment-friendly

Sealed PUR technology ( M5 , M6 )

180 degree open, no problem with ground paper, no page drop


Model No. M2 M3(sealed gluing) M5(PUR) on research M6(PUR)on research
Bind Lengthmm) 435 435 435 435
Bind thicknessmm) 58 58 58 58
Max cover size (mm) 675x435 675x435 675x435 675x435
Min cover size (mm) 130x260 130x260 130x260 130x260
Max cover thickness (gsm) 100-300 100-*300 100-300 100-300
Cover pile height (mm) 900 900 900 900
Work speed (book/hour) 300-450 300-450 300-450 300-450
Book clamp
Glue melt time (min) About 35mins About 35mins About 35mins About 35mins
Gluing way Double glue rollers Sealed gluing(special EVA) Sealed gluing (PUR) Sealed gluing(PUR)
Gluing control device
Side gluing
Smoke extract
Book block vibration
Anti Hand clipping
Milling system Milling+notching knives Special milling cutter Special milling cutter for PUR Special milling cutter for PUR
Cover clamping way Automatically Automatically Automatically Automatically
Book block clamping way Automatically Automatically Automatically Automatically
Display 7” touch screen 7” touch screen 7” touch screen 7” touch screen
Cover clamp station adjustment
Cover feeding Up air suction Up air suction Up air suction Up air suction
Cover creasing Digital creasing Digital creasing Digital creasing Digital creasing
Double sides creasing ×
Book thickness measure
Book collect
Machine weight About 500kgs About 500kgs About 500kgs About 500kgs
Machine size 1870x1710x1370 1870x1710x1370 1870x1710x1370 1870x1710x1370




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