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T9C Strong EVA Glue Binding Machine



Book binding machine

2 twice of normal EVA glue in binding fastness ,

The price is half of the PUR binding machine .

250 grams of coated paper binding without nailing , Can be 180 degree open .


 Built in closed EVA glue system

   Less smoke and no debris

 Auto-side glue

   Machine measure book thickness, and applies correct amount of glue

 Smart control, 7 inch touch screen

   Chinese and English Language support,speed, milling cutter, self test diagnostics and manual/auto mode

 Patent of workable

   Powerful dust suction system . Cover for storage doubles as a worktable for pages and covers

 Open flat

   Brand new cover location device

 Brand new heavy-duty design

   Design strengthened in over 30 places which stops deformation makes machine more stable

 Patent of prevent clamping hand technolog

   Patented anti trap technology prevents fingers getting trapped in page clamp

 Adjustable cover clamping station

   Adapts to different types of covers, lets you adjusts roundness of square ness of spine

 End gluing control

   Smart control the gluing on two end of book spine, no need trimming after bind

 Powerful dust suction system

   Ensures less waste on work surface and around glue tank, improves binding qualit

 Easy scoring on-line ( Optional Unit : Y8, Creaser Partner : K330C )





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