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BW-T9 automatic Pneumatic EVA glue binding machine

Specification :

Feature :

♦ Smart control, 7" colorful touch screen, Chinese and English Language support

♦ Built-in closed PUR glue system, pressurized sealing tank for glue 2kgs and cartridge 330g,  both back and side gluing

♦ Patented nozzle appplication structure, easy to clean.

♦ Two glue tanks for EVA & PUR(only T9G), easy swift on demond, meanwhile, EVA can be used as cleaner

♦ Concerning spare parts be Teflon coated,easy to clean

♦ Mute air pump ensures quite operation for office use inductive touch to open the book carriage.

♦ Smart control the gluing on two end of book spine, no need trimming after bind

♦ Smoke extractor, protect work environment.

♦ On-line work with our Auto-creaser K330C

   Auto read out the thickness of book to crease spine lines and opening lines (Please click the ending page's

   picture fr. K330C)

♦ Quick book dryer rack

♦ Air Pump (only T9E/T9G)

♦ New heavy-duty structure

♦ The patent of new glue heads design.

♦ Independently clean system.

♦ New patent of pneumatic technology.

♦ New patent of sprayer glue system.

♦ New patent of intelligent side glue technology.

♦ Patent of prevent clamping hand technology.

♦ Patent of worktable.

♦ 3 binding mode.
♦ automatic book thickness gauge.
♦ Cleansing facility.

♦ Intelligent control.

♦ Brand new heavy-duty design.

♦ Easy scoring on-line (Optional Unit : Y8, Creaser Partner : K330C )

♦ Open flat brand new cover location device.

♦ Adjustable cover clamping station.

♦ Auto-side glue.

♦ Non-glue ends  control.   

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