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K Series Glue Book Binder


Paper Book Hot Glue Binding








1.New appearance design(NEW)

New industrial design, simple & elegant, man-machine friendly.

2. Heavy-duty frame(NEW)

Heavy-duty machine frame for heavy work task.

3.New design milling system(NEW)

Every knifed can be used 3 times.

4.Fine adjust spread roller(NEW)

Auto control temperature of spread roller, make gluing.

5.Glue pre-heating(NEW)

Glue pre-heating decrease machine stops and inferior-quality book.

6.Guide wheel pre-open(NEW)

Manual and auto mode, reduce impact and lengthen machine life.

7. smoke extractor(NEW) (optional)

Smart control of smoke extractor, better protection to operator and environment.

8. K330C Full Auto Creaser (Optional)

High Speed,Auto Feed, 9 Types Creasing and Perforating Functions.

9. Open cover clamp station

It is easier to place and take cover or book, and ensure no remove for cover.

10.Data transfer

Auto readout the thickness of book block and transfer the date to creasing machine on-line.

11. Self-adaptive control  (NEW)

Selft adaptive control for side gluing device, cover clamp and so on.

12.Dustproof design (NEW)

Dustproof design on glue tank, milling station cover and book clamp station protect glue tank and circuit board from paper dust.

13.Smart control,7" color touch screen

128 bits chips, colorful touch screen, self-diagnose auto alarming, milling knives and gluing rollers run and stop by self-adaption smart control and easy to operate.

14. Two fans dust cleaning(NEW)

Clean paper dust from work milling and gluing work area, ensure clean finished book.

15.Book block auto jogging

Auto jogging device makes binding quicker and more professional.

16.book block jogging table(NEW)

Simple and convenient design increase work efficiency.

17.Auto side gluing

Auto side gluing according to thickness of the book block, no need any adjustment and setting up(Except K3).

18. Three glue rollers

Two application rollers & one spread roller ensure perfect gluing (K7-K10), independent temperature control and adjustment for spread roller.

19. Head and end gluing control(NEW)

More accurately control glue quantity on ends of book, no glue drop on work table, no need cut after binding.

20.Work table

Work table for inner sheets, cover and finished book.  It is convenient and place saved.

21.Adjustable cover clamp station

According to the thickness of book block adjust the height of cover clamp station.

22.Vertical cover clamping

It can solve the problem that the cover is easy drugged by thick book block.

23. different work mode(NEW)

The carriage start from right or left end(only for K10), manual mode, Auto mode and high speed work mode, match  different binding demand.

24.High speed clamp and carriage

Book clamper open and close within 1 second, carraige runs at two times speed. 


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